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Our Steaks - A US Premium Product

Our beef comes fom Creekstone Farms in Kansas and is among the highest quality steaks available on the international market.

The cattle that graze on the endless pastures of the states of Nebraska, Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri and South Dakota are handpicked. They feed freely on their huge American pastures on healthy, plant-based forage. The certification by the USDA and the EU Commission guarantee species-appropriate and humane rearing and the guaranteed exclusion of growth hormones and antibiotics.

In the months before it is ready for slaughter, the classic additional feeding of yellow corn takes place for at least 140 days, which gives the premium meat from Creekstone Farms its fine marbling and a truly incomparable taste.

It is grilled to perfection on our lava stone grill by our experienced chefs and paired with the side dish of your choice.

Truely a culinary highlight! 

Special Offers at Steakhouse Sindelfingen

Let yourself be trained as a "grill master" or enjoy culinary highlights from our smoker!

You can find an overview of all current specials and offers at the Steakhouse Sindelfingen on our campaign page.